What’s inside The Cruise Control Program

About the Program

Cruise-Control-DietCruise Control Program is created by James Ward. It is an e-book in PDF format. Author has given step by step instructions on how to control body weight and to burn extra fat from body. His diet chart is very flexible, so one can easily follow his guidelines.

James Ward had been suffering from obesity. He had attempted a number of procedures but unfortunately nothing worked on him. So he had started doing his research works. And at last he found some effective solutions that not only helped him to burn extra fat from body but also helped to keep his body fit and healthy.

Though James is neither a medical practitioner nor a health researcher but still he has created a powerful diet plan that works on him. It is a first paced weight lose program where you do not have to follow fasting or to maintain a strict diet. It is a very flexible plan that allows you to take your favorite foods with the course of diet.

Actually James has provided all the tricks and techniques that would help you to lose your unwanted fat from body and get desired body shape. He has given some effective recipes and prescribed if one can follow his guidelines properly, he or she gets desired body shape within few days.

Contents of the eBook

Jump start Guide: It is 17 pages book where author has provided basic concept of weight lose program. He has provided a grocery list from where you know the names of the essential ingredients that should be purchased and how to prepare healthy meals etc. In this book he has tried to give all the important items to the users so that when they visit market, can pick up all these essential components for the sack of their health.

Core Program: This is the main portion of the program. 74 pages book contains 14 chapters where chapter six is the key part of this program. Chapter six is divided into three phases. Phase one has taught you how to select the products of grocery, phase two, has given the guidelines that would help to grab the instinct and phase three, has explained elaborately which foods should avoided. He has given detailed explanation on fats, proteins, has mentioned their natures, and has described their impacts on us. In Core program, the author has emphasized on healthy foods which should be consumed regularly.


A cook eBook: A cook book contains 60 recipes and all the recipes are not only unprocessed but also simple. So that anyone can prepare it easily


What I find in the eBook: In this digital book James has talked about two hormones Leptin and Insulin. It is very important to maintain proper level of Leptin and Insulin hormones because these hormones play a key role to keep our body fit. But regular consumption of sugar foods or sugar byproducts can reduce normal level of leptin and insulin. So in his program he has focused on how to keep body weight normal through natural procedures.

He has given the names of natural foods that can help in fat burning process.

James has prescribed that the processed foods should be avoided as it increase fat accumulation process within the body. Processed foods contain sugar. So I try to avoid processed foods.

But at the same time James has said sugar foods and processed foods can be taken occasionally.

Final verdict

This is a unique scientific and a pre tested approach where James has mentioned the importance of Leptin and Insulin hormones in our body. I would highly recommend it for all people with weight problems. It is definitely worth it.

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