My Experience with Cruise Control Diet Guide

Name:   Katrina Jones

Age:   25 years

Number of years trying to lose weight:   3 years

“The only thing that I wanted since my teenage days is becoming a supermodel in the biggest model group is Los Angeles. However, my uncontrollable love for food acted like a villain in between me and my aim. I failed to gain a perfect bikini body and as a result lost many lucrative modeling assignments. I failed to make my position in the fashion industry, in the glamour.

I could not stay away from my favorite food and was trying really hard to do the same. I blindly tried to take some weight loss supplements without controlling my food habit. This worsened the situation further and I was at wits end.”

One Correct Decision can Change your Life

313ede2Hello my name is Katrina Jones, a 21 year old model from Los Angeles. From my profession you must be thinking that I am a gym freak and having a well-shaped and sexy body. In actuality this became true in the past 5 months only. The scenario was different before that. This was because I am a foodie and possess a really big heart for any kind of food.

Now you can understand that I was struggling really heard to stay away from food in order to raise high in my career. However, this showed no result because I could not stay away from my favorite foods. My excess body weight also posed as a hindrance to my career. I hardly got shows and continued as an unknown model in the local fashion shows and ended up being depressed and sad.

My Experience with Cruise Control Diet Guide

I went through such a pathetic stage for near about 2 years and lost all hope until one day I came across the name Cruise Control Diet guide in one of my close friend’s quite. She was a college buddy and was famous for her enormous eating capability and excessive weight. But this time her photo along with her tweet knocked me for a loop. She is a successful model now and seemed to have lost almost 30 pounds.

The line which shocked me the most is that she still continued eating her favorite cupcake, chocolates and junk foods twice in a week! I was awestruck for a moment and dialed her number at the next. She suggested me of this amazing weight loss program Cruise control Diet and at present I am the most talked about model of the biggest model group of Los Angeles.

“This must be provoking enough right? So, let’s share with you my personal story.”

After getting the suggestion from my friend I looked for the Cruise control Diet guide in the internet and came to know that this is an e-book by the author James Cruise who told about different natural ways of losing weight. I further studied and came to know that this is a whole food based guide that deals with weight loss.

A whole food based guide means you can shed off the unwanted fat easily without going for any kind of starvation unlike the conventional weight loss methods. You can consume small quantities of food whenever you are hungry. This is the first strong point that attracted my attention.

Another thing that I loved is about the author. James himself is not a doctor or nutritionist by profession. He is yet another poor guy like millions who also tried hard to lose weight. This helped me to identify myself with the author. As revealed a little in the website, the author will teach you here to forget the old fashioned ways of weight loss and try out something new which he himself followed. This gave me a sense of trust in the product from the very beginning which other products failed to do in the past.

Without giving it a second thought I purchased the same and started using and followed the instructions word to word. You must remember that Cruise Control diet guide is not a magic wand and so you need to keep your patience.

Were the Results Positive?

My answer to this question will be a big yes. I purchased the book and started reading the instructions before implementing them. They are all written in an easy flowing language and were very easily understandable. While I started following the guide I noticed a considerable change in my food habit.

I had a feeling that the guide is always with me instructing how to eat and what to eat. I have stopped eating packaged food which I often did earlier as my profession demanded outdoor shoots. Now I carry homemade or natural food where ever I go and eat when only when I am hungry. This program which is spotted in the internet came like a blessing to my life.

“My personal website as well as my Pinterest account is the most evident proof of the result of using the Cruise Control Diet.”

The Final Verdict

Cruise Control diet plan has almost changed my life. I am extremely benefited and I am now a fit and jolly women enjoying life. Everyone out there who is struggling with weight loss issues buy this e-book now without any hesitation.Click here to get Cruise Control Diet